Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A little potty talk

As some of you know, potty training Jack was a bit of a chore.  He was resistant and terrified, and it nearly took a miracle, not to mention truckloads of patience, to finally have success.  

Jack, in the potty-training stage...

Grant has been showing interest in the potty the past couple of weeks, and has been coming to tell me when he's got a dirty diaper.  Yesterday during lunch, Grant made a face and said "boop".  I asked if he had to go, he said yes.  I then asked if he wanted to go on the potty, and again, he said yes.  I took him into the bathroom, undressed him and sat him on the toilet.  About a minute later, it happened...potty success!  He had quite a surprised look on his face, and clapped and said "Yeah!".  I had to mirror those sentiments!

I sort of thought it might be a fluke, a one-time thing.  Then today, he came to me again, sat on the potty and did his business quite quickly.  

Grant is insistent on taking all his clothes off to sit on the potty.  I'll do whatever it takes!

While I'm not running out to buy little underwear, I am optimistic and hopeful that he will be easier to transition than Jack was.  And I will find something fun to do with the money I save when no longer spending it on diapers.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I LOVE American Idol!

I thoroughly enjoyed American Idol this season.  For the first time, I watched it from the very beginning - with the crazy auditions - all the way through to the end.  It was definitely my "must see TV" of the week.  I enjoyed witnessing the progression of the contestants, and seeing them find their voice (no pun intended there) on stage.  

Watching the finale last night, I was like a kid on the first day of school.  We recorded it on our DVR, and started watching about 45 minutes into it so we wouldn't have to sit through the commercials.  I anxiously awaited the results, and watched 2 hours of great music performances getting there.  I was touched by all the music, and kept thinking what an amazing opportunity this was for both David's.  

I was betting on David A., but secretly hoping that David C. would take it.  David A. is amazing. But he is also very young, and doesn't have the same polished stage presence that David C. brought to the show.  

So when David C.'s name was announced, I nearly jumped off the couch!  And then, our blankety-blank DVR abruptly cut off, as it was 10:00.  And so I missed his winning performance.  I was so mad!  I ran in and got online trying to find it, which I couldn't, and went to bed almost hysterical.  

I woke up this morning and got online again, and this time was able to find it and watch it...4 times in a row!

The emotion he showed touched me, and I was also touched by his respect and regard for David A.  A true star...and he's only just begun.  I just downloaded his song from iTunes, and will be first in line to buy his album.  Way to go David Cook!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Future Daughter-in-Law

Jack announced last week that he is going to marry Peyton when he grows up.  This is the same Peyton who brought Jack to tears last year when she sat on Megan, Jack's imaginary friend, at preschool.  (Read about it here.)  I guess he's forgiven her.

At Open House on Saturday, we ran into Peyton, and took the opportunity to get their picture together. Notice Jack's slouchy stance. He was shy and embarrassed, but wanted to be near her. It was so funny.

I think they make a pretty cute couple - don't they?

Monday, May 19, 2008

What happened to him?

I was going through pictures on my computer today, trying to organize them a bit better. I came across this picture of Grant, when he was just 3 weeks old. I miss that stage...but not enough to do it again (breathe easy Steve...)

Call me Princess Buffcake

Growing up, I was not at all athletic. My dad actually gave me the nickname "Princess Fluffcake" when I was about 12 because I refused to do anything even remotely physical.  

I tried soccer, got hit in the head with the ball, and wouldn't go back.

I tried gymnastics, fell off the bar, and wouldn't go back.

I liked to ski, but was a bit of a spazz, and not very courageous.  I stuck to the blue runs and threw a fit when my dad would challenge me to something more.

I was on the swim team for 2 years in high school, but only because Sean Smiley was too.  He was my high school crush, and swim practice gave me a couple of hours more a day to be near him.  I wasn't very fast.

Steve and I almost broke up early on in our relationship while mountain biking.  I was trying to impress him, and led him to believe I was pretty he took me on this ride up this crazy steep hill.  I ended up crying, he was calling me a was not a pretty sight.  

After Olivia was born, I joined a health club.  But it was more to have a couple of hours to myself each day, as babysitting was included.  I would barely break a sweat and call it good.

So 3 years ago, when I came home from the gym telling Steve I wanted to join the "Women's Tri-Training" program at the gym, he laughed at me.  He told me he thought I should wait "until I was lighter" (those were his exact words, I'm not kidding.  And I wasn't even that heavy!)  

Without his support or encouragement, I decided to do it anyway.  The first night of training, I couldn't even run 1/2 mile.  I wanted to die.  But I also wanted to prove Steve and all the other nay-sayers wrong.  So I stuck with it.  And 10 weeks later, I finished my first sprint distance triathlon.  

I am now in training once again, and can't believe how far I've come.  I'm towards the front of the pack now, instead of one of the last.  I ran my fastest mile ever in training a couple of weeks ago - 8:55.  In years past, my "fast" pace was about 12 minutes/mile.  

I don't mind the sweat anymore.  I don't mind the muscle aches and exhaustion that come after a particularly tough ride or run.  I love the feel of the water passing over and around me as I swim.  

I still have a layer of "padding", that doesn't seem to want to melt away.  But underneath it all, I have discovered an athlete.  And now, instead of Princess Fluffcake, I like to think of myself as "Princess Buffcake".  Sean your heart out.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Olivia is at an age where she is easily distracted, doesn't listen all that well and forgets what I ask her to do the minute I'm out of her sight.

Yesterday, she brought home her science book to review for a big test today.  After she was done studying, I gently reminded her to put her science book back in her backpack, so she wouldn't forget it today (her science tests are open book).  

As we were leaving for swim practice, I nearly stepped on the book, and again reminded her to put it in her backpack as soon as we got home, which she readily agreed to.

This morning, I saw the book still on the floor.  I again reminded her to put the book in her backpack.

Ten minutes after she left, I walked into the laundry room...and there's her book, lying right where she had left it yesterday.  I was furious.  

I immediately called my friend who drives Olivia to school and asked her to give the phone to Olivia.  Olivia gets on the phone and this is how the conversation goes:  

Olivia: "Hi mom.  (pause)  Did you put my science book in my backpack?"

Me:  "No, Olivia, I didn't.  That wasn't my responsibility.  How many times did I remind you to put it in your backpack?"

Olivia:  "I don't know.  Lots, I think.  I forgot."

Me:  "How do you propose to take your open-book test without a book?"

Olivia:  "Maybe I can borrow a friends book."

Me:  "I don't think Mrs. Owen will let you share a book during a test, do you?"

Olivia:  "Probably not."

Against my better judgement, I then threw the boys in the car and drove the 15 minutes to school to deliver her science book.  I was fuming the whole way.  

When I picked her up this afternoon and asked how her test went, she said "Pretty good, I think.  Thank you for bringing my book."  At least she acknowledged it.  We got home and had a lengthy discussion on consequences.  I tried not to lecture.  I then told her that she owed me 2 hours of time (my time to drive the book there and back, gas money, and an extra hour for good measure), with no complaints.  She agreed without hesitation.

Hopefully this will be the last textbook forgotten.  I'm not holding my breath.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Little Chatterbox

Grant's vocabulary is increasing daily.  Most of his words have something to do with balls.  This little video clip is a perfect example!  I love his voice - it has the sweetest little tone, and it cracks me up.

Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day. Although I am unlike many of my friends, who like to be away from their kids on Mother's Day. I love to spend my day with the kids...being a mom!

Steve and the kids made a great breakfast...Jack mixed the pancakes, Olivia made the scrambled eggs all by herself and Grant supervised. The kids each had handmade cards/gifts for me. Steve had given me an early Mother's Day gift last iPhone, which I love!

I wanted a picture with the kids, but was mortified when I saw this. Maybe it's just the angle, but I look about 50 to me, and my face is puffy from the tears I shed when I read the kids cards. This picture won't win me any beauty contests, but someday, I might look back on it and smile and think I looked pretty good. We'll see.

We spent the morning at church, then came home, ate lunch and headed to the park. It makes me happy to see the kids playing together, and enjoying each other so much.

I am thankful to be a mom, and love my kids more each day. Most days, it couldn't get any better.
Grant is my little sunshine, full of energy and joy.

Jack is becoming braver and bolder by the day. He used to be terrified of climbing/sliding/swinging and now he can't get enough!

"Paris Hilton" in training...Olivia picked out these glasses herself - can you tell?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Handsome Cowboy

These were Jack's Spring pictures from Preschool...I sometimes look at him and can't believe he's my son.

He's growing up so quickly, and turning into a real boy. He'll be 5 in less than 2 months, and starting Kindergarten this fall. He doesn't like snuggles quite as much as he used to, and when I ask for a kiss, he gives me the top of his head. No matter, I'll hold on to these pictures, and look at them and remember each little feature of his handsome face, and be thankful that I have the privilege of being his mother.

The worst part of motherhood...(don't read if you're prone to queasiness)

I've been very lucky the past almost 9 years.  None of my kids have been "barfers".  I've never had to clean up vomit...until today. 
I went to bed late last night, about 11:30.  I decided to read for a few minutes before going to sleep (I was finishing Nicholas Spark's "At First Sight").  Well I got engrossed in the book, and was nearing the end, so decided to go ahead and finish it.  It has a rather dramatic, emotional ending, and being the big cry baby I am, I ended up sobbing uncontrollably as I finished.  I couldn't very well go to sleep then because I couldn't breathe, so I turned on The Tonight Show for a few minutes to get my mind of the book.  I turned off the TV at about 12:35.  I had just drifted off to sleep when I heard a strange someone was pouring a bucket of water on the floor.  I sat up, turned on the light on my night stand and saw Olivia, standing in the doorway, throwing up all over the white carpet in our room.  I was completely frozen, and had no idea what to do.  I got up, and proceeded to walk into my closet, put my robe on and then stand there and stare at her...all the while, she was spewing.  Walls, door, and a 4' radius area were covered.  I finally snapped to action and ran and got a towel, but it was too late to do any good.  She was done by that point.  

I guided her into her bathroom, and started chastising her for coming to my room down the hall, rather than the bathroom right outside her bedroom door.  That was probably not the best approach to take, but I was not thinking of her feelings at that moment...I was thinking of the mess on my carpet.  

After getting Olivia cleaned up, I did the best I could to get the chunks off the floor, then covered it with a wet towel and went back to bed about 2am.  This morning, at sunrise, I was greeted by the wonderful aroma of vomit.  What a great way to begin the day. 
It is now moderately clean - I spent about an hour on my hands and knees scrubbing, then borrowed a friend's steam cleaner to finish it off.  I think the smell is gone.  

For Mother's Day, I think I'm requesting new carpet.

What I've Been Up To...

So Steve has been out of town the past 9 days.  The first 4 were for his annual "guys trip" down to the desert with dirt bikes & dune buggy, then the past 5 days, he's been in North Carolina for work.  When I found out he was going to be gone so long, I called my mom and asked her to come down to play...and help with the kids.  To my surprise, she agreed, and flew in the same day Steve left and was here for 8 days.  

It was a whirlwind week.  Between the regular events of school, carpool, gymnastics, swim team, etc., there were several "extras" going on as well.  A baby shower for a friend, Spring Fling Fundraiser at Olivia's school, 4-H Pancake Breakfast, and my triathlon training was crammed in there too.  I think we wore my mom out with the pace at which we live...she needed naps right along with Grant & Jack!

My big goal while Steve was away was to complete the quilt tops for Jack & Grant's "Super Hero" room...the theme was picked by Jack and seems to fit the boys perfectly.  I found some great stuff at Pottery Barn Kids, but couldn't find a quilt/comforter that fit the decor and matched the colors just right.  So I had the hare-brained idea to make two twin size all my free time.  I found the perfect theme print on ebay, and have had the fabric for nearly 5 months, during which I hadn't made the time to get them sewn.  After several late nights, and lots of take-out food, I now can say they're least the tops are.  I love how they turned out, bright, colorful, and quite "boyish".  The best part was having Jack sitting next to me as I finished the last seam, with him nearly jumping out of his seat with excitement as he exclaimed "I love my Batman blanket.  It's just what I wanted."  That made the time, efforts and money all worth it. My next task is to get them quilted and bound, then begin the redecorating process in their room.  I can't wait! 

Grant's bed will be "Superman"

Jack's bed will be "Batman"