Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When nobody's watching...

Steve recently purchased an iPad...and it's tough to say who's having more fun with it—him, or the kids. I haven't put my hands on it much, mostly out of fear that once I do, I'll never want to give it back!

As I was loading some files onto it for an upcoming road trip, pictures popped up that the kids took using the "Photobooth" feature. They struck me so funny that I laughed to the point of tears.

Ever wonder where the term "button nose" came from?

Who could resist lips like these?

While an "hourglass figure" might be nice, when it comes to faces, not so much...

This one gives new meaning to the name "block head"!

While as adults, we all strive for the best possible head shot, it cracks me up that the kids find such humor and delight in unattractive photo shoots.

For all the blogstalkers out there thinking of snatching my kids and selling them into a world of child slavery, take a look at these photos and move on. With mugs like these, no one will want them!

Monday, June 27, 2011

You know you're really a housewife when....

Twelve years ago, Steve and I bought our first house. I was pregnant with Olivia, and we found a new development out in Pittsburg that we could actually afford. We were so excited!

We watched the house go from concrete slab to framed to finished over the course of a few months. Every weekend, we'd drive out from our tiny rental house in San Bruno to check on the progress.

With a new house came the need for new appliances. We bought our first refrigerator, and our very own washer and dryer.

That washer and dryer have moved with us to 3 different houses, and done approximately 4,500 loads of wash over the last 12 years. Last week, I noticed a pool of water coming from underneath the washing machine. I mopped it up, and then did another load. Another pool of water. A few calls to friends and appliance repairmen made me realize that fixing the machine would not be worth it was time to replace the old and faithful friend.

Even though the dryer is still working fine, we opted for a matching set, and I convinced Steve that the laundry room could use some color. After some consumer shopping, I decided on these beauties:

They were delivered today, and are even more beautiful in person. I actually want to do laundry! I smile just walking into the laundry room, and when the little chime song goes off signaling the end of the cycle, I'm jumping up and running in there. There are so many more options and bells and whistles than what I'm used will be a while before I have them figured out.

The fact that I'm so excited about household appliances is a sign to me that I either a) need to get a life, or b) find great joy and satisfaction in the care and keeping of my amazing family, or c) a little of both.