Wednesday, November 25, 2009

For this, I am thankful . . .

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Desert Adventures

We spent the days leading up to Thanksgiving out in the desert in Southern California. It was a much needed, distraction-free getaway for us all. No cell phones, internet, or television for 4 full days. There were a sporadic moments of withdrawal as we adapted to the lack of stimulation. But we managed to adjust.

Our good friends Patty and Gregg, along with Gregg's parents, and Steve's mom all came along. There were lots of laughs, oddball conversations, games of UNO Attack, way too much food, and WAY too much fun!

We cooked outdoors...and Olivia was a tremendous help!

The campground was virtually empty, giving the kids free reign for learning to ride.

We're working on getting the training wheels off the's a work in progress.

Grant was anxious to be just like Jack, so Steve put him on the bike and gave him his first riding lesson.

To my amazement, it worked!

Then Steve hopped on the back and let Grant steer around camp. Not sure who had more fun . . .

While the nights were chilly, it was in the 80's during the day . . . warm enough for the kids to brave the unheated pool. It didn't last long!

The kids practiced shooting cans with a BB gun. Their aim was pretty good. So was mine.

Jack brushed up on all sorts of trivia, sure to come in handy later in life.

Many rides in the dune buggy were taken, with Jack and Olivia wanting to go fast, and Grant insisting on going "SWOWY"

Grant resembled a pig rolling in the mud pretty much the whole time. Even with showers and dips in the pool, he didn't manage to stay clean for more than about 2 minutes. He loved every minute of it.

This trip is quickly becoming an annual tradition. And while it requires a great deal of planning and preparation, in the end, I had a great time and already look forward to next year!