Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The hauntings of life

The past two months have not been kind. I'm fairly certain I brought the madness on myself, when I commented to Steve toward the end of summer that the year had been pretty stress-free and calm, and wasn't it nice that life was so easy?! Big mistake . . .

It all started the last week of August, when we noticed a big wet patch on the platform that holds the hot water heaters in the garage. A little poking around exposed another leaking pipe (this was leak #7 in 2 years). I was panicked, as I was in charge of the staff back-to-school luncheon the next day, as well as hosting a birthday party for Olivia. Fitting in a plumber was not in the schedule.

Then, the next day as I was hurriedly backing out of the garage, on my way to get flowers for the birthday party before the teacher luncheon, I crushed my tailgate into the garage. The trunk auto-closure had popped the trunk back up, and I hadn't noticed it until I heard the sound of crunching metal.

$2500 later (OK, only $500 from us, the rest was paid by insurance), I have a new lift gate.

But look . . . weren't the decorations and favors for the luncheon cute?

The week after that, Steve woke me up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain and unable to move. Three hours later, we were in the ER, requesting every drug known to man, with no relief from the pain. An MRI a few days later revealed a very large herniated disc in his low back. He nursed it along for about 6 weeks, with minimal feeling in his left leg, hoping it would get better on its own. It didn't. Finally, last week, he had surgery. He's got 5 more weeks of recovery before he can begin to resume a somewhat normal level of activity (which will hopefully include golf as well!).

We had the annual Walkathon at school. I wasn't in charge this year! But I did make the balloon arch.

Somewhere in there, we had another pipe burst (#8...but who's counting?).

That little "trickle" down the pipe turned into a full blown 
fountain when the protective covering was removed!

Steve and I celebrated our 15th anniversary. 15 years . . .wow! It was rather anticlimactic. I made a nice dinner at home on our actual anniversary.

That weekend, we went out to dinner, just the two of us. (No gifts were exchanged . . . our "gift" was my trunk. And a facelift for the kitchen, but that's for another post.)

We had three straight weeks of company (which I loved! and turned out to be a tremendous help during Steve's back ordeal).

My brother Isaac, his wife Lisa, and their three boys came mid-October. 
It was the last dip in our pool for the year!

Olivia is in a play, rehearsing a few times a week. Jack is on a fall swim team, practicing three afternoons a week. Grant is . . . well, being Grant.

Oh! And wait! Then there was Halloween to think about! I was not even close to creative in coming up with costumes for the kids this year. Hours before our first Halloween party, we came up with these.

This is Grant's real motorcycle gear. Don't mess with him. Or his bike.

Olivia was a sweetheart, not once complaining about her costume. 
She came up with it on her own, and wore it with a smile. She's an angel.

Jack's reaction to his costume? "I look so dumb!" 

There will be no "Best Costume" awards won this year.

And me? My costume was easy! A couple of the kindergarten students have a hard time pronouncing "Mrs. Whitaker" when they come to library each week, calling me "Mrs. Whiskers" instead.

I may never be "Mrs. Whitaker" again!

October is over. A new month begins tomorrow. I'm hoping the hauntings are over for a while. And next time when I start thinking life feels pretty smooth, I'm keeping my mouth shut!