Tuesday, February 1, 2011


For the last 18 months or so, we've been looking at a toothless grin on this cute face.

He knocked the teeth out during a camping trip in August 2009. Fortunately, they were baby teeth, and his permanent teeth were so far from growing in that no damage appears to have been done. He's gotten used to talking with a slight lisp and gnawing his food with his other teeth.

He's since had a spacer put in the roof of his mouth to correct a cross-bite and create some room for the gargantuan teeth that showed up on his x-rays. Judging by the size of the teeth, I'm guessing (and secretly hoping) he'll be 7' tall.

About a week ago, he came running in the kitchen with a semi-scared, semi-thrilled look on his face, and said "Mom! Look!!!! My tooth!"

Now, a week later, this baby is almost fully erupted. And let me just say, the tooth is HUGE! It's growing in at an angle, almost completely covering up the tooth next to it.

The snaggletooth stage has officially begun. Can you spell B-R-A-C-E-S??? Good thing the rest of him is so darn cute....