Saturday, May 9, 2015

Spring Break 2015 - Part 4 - Puerto Vallarta

We pulled into Puerto Vallarta early Thursday morning. We had booked a zip lining shore excursion through the cruise, and were excited to get on our way!

We hopped on a bus, along with a few other families, and traveled about an hour outside of town into the jungle. Another example of how US driving laws vary from Mexican...the bus should have only held 12 passengers. But they crammed an extra (our boy of course!) in the front seat with Steve, and then Olivia sat on a padded milk crate behind the front passenger seat, facing the rear of the van. The crate was loose, but there was a seat belt bolted to the front seat that kept her from flying through the van as we zipped through the dirt roads!

We got all strapped into our harnesses, fitted with helmets and gloves, then went through a brief orientation by the very entertaining guides.

Over the course of the next two hours, we soared across nine zip lines and rappelled down two giant trees. I must admit, I was just a "little" terrified and screamed with exhilaration as I crossed every single one!

Grant was barely heavy enough to make it across the long lines!

We call this one "Jungle Monkey"!

This was my expression in most of the pictures...
a combination of fear and thrill!

Olivia is a rockstar. Seriously, this girl is so strong, so brave, and
not afraid of anything. She is my hero.

Jack was pretty quiet throughout the day, just taking it all in!

Grant sailed right down the rappelling lines!

Smile for the camera!

It felt like a very loonng way down!

Steve, Jack, and Olivia all climbed up a 200' rope ladder, walked across a tight rope, and then crossed a zip line on a wooden surf board. Grant wasn't quite tall enough to reach the safety line, so he and I hiked up and met the rest of the group at the top. He wasn't too pleased to be left out of that part of the adventure! (I, on the other hand, was a little relieved!)

It was an amazing day, and it is so fun to be at this stage with our family where we can experience adventures together!

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